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Calvert House

1314 16th Ave

Our four unit apartment building

is three blocks from the Penn State Devorris and Sheetz Centers, and steps from the bus Loop to the Altoona Campus, which is 1.3 miles away. There are shops, restaurants and hotels within easy walking distance.

Student Housing Floor Plan

Each unit in The Calvert has the same basic floor plan. The two units on the bottom floor are mirror images of each other, as are the two units on the top floor. In each, the front entrance is in the middle of the hallway. The mixed-use front room, a potential study area, dining room or 4th bedroom, overlooks the street. The rear entrance to each unit is in the kitchen, and gives out onto a private patio area.

Coming Soon!
Please check back for updates to The Calvert House, including pictures of the common hallway, interior stairs, patio and parking areas. Thank you!

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